1 pollen grain and 7 seeds: 3D >> 2D >> 3D


Ceramic sculptures inspired by the photographs of seeds and pollen taken under a microscope by photographer, artist and scientist  Rob KesselerThose fascinating images reveal the incredible beauty of seeds and pollen grains - otherwise invisible to the human eye. 


When I first saw the photographs I knew immediately that I would recreate the seeds three-dimensionally. 
So this is the result of nature inspiring first a photographer-artist-scientist, and then in turn a ceramist, to portray them in a larger scale.
Of course my sculptures are not 3D-prints, but an imaginative interpretation of the photographs. From a certain point in the process I let go of the microscopic image and tried to develop coherence within the piece itself. 

I hope you like the result as much as I enjoyed the process. To be continued... mfk.

(photo-credits: Anushka)