SEEDS ceramic sculptures representing seeds exhibited at the moment in Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência - MUHNAC - in Lisbon.


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click on the image to know the title of the art-piece / scientific name of the species

photocredits: Pedro Sayanda and Cláudia Rosa


Sofia Marçal, Curator of MUHNAC:


The “SEEDS” exhibition is part of the Art Nature and Science Programme, which focuses on connecting the artists' work with the museum's theme. The exhibition shows ceramic sculptures that represent plant seeds, the majority of which are native to the Baixo Alentejo and Litoral
Alentejano region. The seeds are collected by the artist on the ground and also from seed banks and nurseries to serve as inspiration for her work.
The exhibition is the result of a long research work carried out by the artist, where walking, observing, photographing, presenting, expanding, are integral practices of her work methodology. Maya Fernandes develops an intimate and poetic practice as she plays with intuition and
creativity in her modus operandi in the artistic interpretation of emotions, in her doing, in her doubts and disenchantment, like Marguerite Duras, “I often had this feeling of confrontation between what was already there and what would be in place that time.” The duality of artistic creation.

The colours used in these small sculptures are the ones of the plants that grow from the seeds and quoting the artist, “the objective is not the 100% naturalistic representation, but rather the attempt to transport the moment of admiration and wonder felt each time the microscope
transforms a tiny and imperceptible seed, in an image of curious abstract beauty, with the most
delicate and surprising shapes.”

According to Maya Fernandes, the first seed sculptures she created were based on microscopic images by artist Rob Kesseler, some of which are presented here.